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Sports, Design and Entertainment

People are spending more and more time and money on all types of entertainment. This in turn has prompted the commercialization of many activities that were previously conducted on a non-profit or strictly recreational basis. Sponsorship agreements and transfer agreements are common in sports and often involve substantial amounts of money. The importance of protecting intellectual capital is on the rise in creative sectors such as design, music or gaming. Intellectual property rights often pose a challenge in these sectors. How do you protect your idea?

At Wåhlin, we have extensive experience in advising those who are active in the sports sector on all types of matters. We can also assist with various matters related to the law of associations, such as chairing rowdy meetings. How do you protect your idea and how should your contract provisions be worded? We assist you with all types of contracts, copyright, trademark rights and patents, and provide advice on everything from the threshold of originality to the assessment of damages, dispute resolution, partnership agreements and trademark protection. Would you like to get in touch with a lawyer specialized in this sector? See our people.