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Construction and Engineering

We have extensive industry knowledge and extensive experience in handling a variety of cases, from the most complex construction disputes and comprehensive construction procurements to more routine matters in day-to-day operations. We have the experience required to effectively address the business's challenges.

Wåhlin Advokater's specialists have significant experience in drafting and implementing construction agreements at all stages of the project.

Construction and Engineering can encompass:

  • Construction process
  • Employment law: How does employee posting work?
  • Public procurement of construction projects: how do we design criteria that result in the bids we desire?
  • Building permits: is a building permit required for the renovation, and how do rules of consideration affect the execution?
  • Development agreements: how do we maintain the pace in the project?
  • Drafting contracts for collaborative and partnering ventures
  • Collaboration agreements: we are three property owners who have received a joint land allocation
  • Disputes: how to primarily avoid disputes and secondarily win them
  • Environmental legal issues: there is a frog in the pond close to where we are building

Some key legal aspects within Construction and Engineering:

Construction law: Standard agreements related to construction contracts, contract terms, and contract negotiations between contractors and clients.

The construction process: Legal management of the construction process, including permits, regulations, and building permit issues.

Infrastructure projects: Laws and regulations related to civil engineering works, infrastructure projects, and large-scale constructions.

Disputes and conflicts: Legal assistance in disputes, dispute resolution, and arbitration proceedings within the construction and civil engineering sector.

Environmental law and sustainability: Legal aspects related to environmental impacts and sustainability requirements in construction and civil engineering projects.

Employment law: Laws and regulations concerning employment conditions and work environment within the construction sector.

We are happy to guide you in finding the right solution. Send a request, and we will get in touch!

We are happy to guide you in finding the right solution. Send a request, and we will get in touch!