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Maritime and Transport

We have extensive experience in maritime and other transport law. We represent shipping companies, both international and national, maritime and transport insurers, freight forwarders, shipbrokers, haulage companies, and various other actors in the transport chain.

Wåhlin Advokater's specialists in maritime law assist clients in matters related to maritime legislation and international sea transport, along with its application. The majority of the world's goods are transported by sea today. The need for legal support for actors in maritime and transport industries is on the rise.

Maritime and Transport can encompass:

  • Maritime and Transport Insurance
  • Ship Repair and New Building
  • Charterparty Issues and Chartering Matters
  • Framework Agreements for Logistics Services
  • Bill of Lading Matters
  • Litigation and Arbitration Proceedings
  • Cargo and Ship Casualties
  • Port, Stevedoring, and Terminal Agreements
  • CMR and Domestic Road Transport
  • Purchase and Sale of Vessels

Some key legal aspects within Maritime and Transport:

Maritime Law: Rules and laws that govern commercial shipping, including freight contracts, collisions, maritime insurance, management of maritime accidents, and damages.

Transport Law: Legal aspects related to the transport of goods and passengers over land, including regulation of contracts, liability, insurance, and compensation for damages.

International Trade Law: Laws and agreements governing international trade and transport, such as Incoterms (International Commercial Terms) and international trade agreements.

Aviation Legislation: Regulation of the aviation industry, including aircraft, airports, air navigation, and rules for international air transport.

We are happy to guide you in finding the right solution. Send a request, and we will get in touch!

We are happy to guide you in finding the right solution. Send a request, and we will get in touch!