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Media and Entertainment

We provide counsel in Media and Entertainment, offering legal support to businesses, individuals, and organisations to safeguard their rights and content creators. We continually monitor changes in legislation, new technologies, and market trends.

Wåhlin Advokater's specialists bring practical experience and deep industry knowledge. Commercial issues within the industry are becoming increasingly complex, and their economic impact is growing. The demand for legal support for stakeholders in Media and Entertainment is on the rise.

Media and Entertainment can encompass:

  • Trademark Issues
  • Publishing Rights
  • Media Rights
  • Advertising
  • Tax Matters
  • Contracts
  • Corporate Law and Relevant Contract Documentation
  • Rights for Artists and Media-related Agreements
  • Copyright and other Intellectual Property (IP)
  • Disputes

Some key legal aspects within Media and Entertainment:

Copyright: Protection of creative works, including music, literature, film, and other artistic expressions through legal rights and regulations.

Media and Publishing Law: Regulations governing the publication, distribution, and management of information, including journalism, freedom of the press, and responsibilities for publishing.

Entertainment Contracts: Agreements between artists, creators, and production companies, including actors, musicians, directors, writers, and other creative professions.

Privacy and Data Protection: Regulations for handling personal data, privacy, publicity, and rights for public figures and private individuals.

Trademarks and Advertising: Regulations governing the use and protection of trademarks, marketing laws, and rules for advertising practices.

Digital Distribution and Streaming: Laws related to the digital distribution of content, such as streaming services, digital platforms, and rights management.

We are happy to guide you in finding the right solution. Send a request, and we will get in touch!

We are happy to guide you in finding the right solution. Send a request, and we will get in touch!