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The Automotive Industry

Not only do we possess the legal expertise but also industry understanding – whether it concerns the law related to technical solutions, protection of designs and trademarks, or knowledge of the standard agreements for the world's leading vehicle manufacturers and their global suppliers.

Wåhlin Advokater's specialists provide legal expertise and industry insight within the automotive sector. We offer support and legal guidance to our clients in response to the requirements and changes occurring within the automotive industry.

The Automotive Industry can encompass:

  • Renegotiating existing and ongoing agreements
  • Reviewing and adjusting various standard delivery terms
  • Negotiating and drafting contracts
  • Financing
  • Legal regulations
  • Insolvency-related issues, compositions, reconstruction, and bankruptcy
  • Disputes
  • Development agreements
  • Protection of designs and trademarks
  • Generational shifts, management buy-out
  • Acquisitions

Some key legal aspects within the Automotive Industry:

Automotive Regulations: Laws and regulations governing the automotive industry, including vehicle standards, safety requirements, and environmental regulations.

Product Liability: Regulations establishing manufacturers’ and suppliers’ responsibility for products, particularly related to safety and quality.

Intellectual Property: Protection of trademarks, patents, and copyright for automotive-related technology and innovation.

Employment Law: Employment-related issues within the automotive industry.

Environmental Legislation: Laws regulating the environmental impact and sustainability of vehicles, including emission standards and management of hazardous substances.

We are happy to guide you in finding the right solution. Send a request, and we will get in touch!

We are happy to guide you in finding the right solution. Send a request, and we will get in touch!