Property Law and Tenancy Law

We assist property owners, associations and individuals in managing transactions and provide daily advice on ongoing real estate matters.

We are aware that property owners must consider many factors in their operations, including tax and financing issues, transaction models, environmental and permit-related issues and issues related to planning permission and building permits. We also offer qualified legal advice to associations, landlords and individuals on matters related to rent, conveyancing and conversions from rental properties to tenant-owner properties. Selection of property law and tenancy law services that we offer: • Acquisitions and sales of real estate companies and properties • Structural matters • Consortiums and joint ventures • Financing and collateral • Commercial leases • Tenant-owner rights, conversions from rental properties to tenant-owner properties and conveyancing • Land parcelling, planning matters, building permits and encroachment • Environmental law and permit review • Disputes concerning propertie • Rights of use, leaseholds, easements and other special rights • Association matters