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Wåhlin sponsors female leadership

Wåhlin is proud sponsor of the female leadership program through Live it up! and has been present at the women’s preparations for their adventure in Lapland.

Wåhlin is also an individual sponsor for 21 year old Ayat who describes her hopes and dreams for the future as:

“My goal is to become a chief pharmacist and help people who cannot afford their own medication.

I dream of working in a foster home and making a difference. I dream of lecturing for youths about pressing on and not giving up even though it’s tough. Everything can be solved if it just gets a little nudge. 

I want to be a successful woman with strong opinions who stand by my word. I want everyone to have freedom and I dream about an equal opportunities Iraq. I dream that bullying Is no longer present in schools.”

Wåhlin wishes Ayat, Elin, Lorena, Lykke, Maryam, Melissa, Nathalie och Zainab the best of luck on their journey.

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