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IT and Technology

We provide legal advisory services to our clients in the rapidly evolving and complex fields of IT, technology, and digitalisation. 

Wåhlin Advokater's specialists in IT and technology offer advisory services to businesses and organisations dealing with or developing technology. We assist our clients in navigating regulatory frameworks, developing policies, addressing intellectual property issues, managing issues related to data security and privacy, and resolving legal disputes. The technological advancements and their impact on society demand continuous updates and adaptation of legal advice in this domain.

IT and Technology can encompass:

  • Data Protection and Privacy
  • IT and Data Security
  • Intellectual Property Law
  • IT Disputes
  • Technology Transactions
  • IT Procurement and Sourcing

Some key legal aspects within IT and Technology:

Data Protection and Privacy: Regulations (such as GDPR) governing the handling of personal information, privacy, and security of data and systems.

Intellectual Property Law: Protection of innovations, trade secrets, and trademarks related to technology and software.

E-commerce and Digital Contracts: Laws regulating electronic transactions, e-commerce, and digital contracts.

Regulation of Digital Platforms: Laws regulating social media platforms, online services, and cloud-based solutions.

Cybersecurity and Regulation: Laws addressing crime, data security, and the regulation of cyber-attacks.

Technology and Legal Innovation: The emergence of legal innovations, such as the use of AI, blockchain, and other technological advancements within the legal field.

We are happy to guide you in finding the right solution. Send a request, and we will get in touch!

We are happy to guide you in finding the right solution. Send a request, and we will get in touch!